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Mike Ivankovich

Is Available For

Zoom & FaceTime Appraisals

Anywhere in the Country

Using Zoom, FaceTime, Digital Images & Photos

Antiques * Collectibles
Household & Estate Contents

Fast * Safe * Low Cost


A “Zoom Appraisal” or a “FaceTime Appraisal” is an appraisal where the Appraiser isn’t physically on location.

Rather the appraisal is completed using Zoom or FaceTime…where you show us what you want appraised…using your iPhone, iPad, Computer, or other device…and where we discuss both “Value” and “Options”…just as if we were there in person.

The primary objective of VirtualAppraisals.net…using Zoom & FaceTime Technology…is to:

  • Provide honest and impartial opinions of value.
  • Help you understand the best-selling options.
  • Get you going in the right direction. Quickly. Easily. Inexpensively.

Welcome to VirtualAppraisals.net

Most homes and estates have some contents that clearly have value...
Other items that clearly have little or no value...
And a whole lot of things in between.

Which is where the confusion usually lies.

The two most common questions we hear from our appraisal clients are:


That's precisely what we do when we perform a House & Estate Contents Appraisal. For more than a decade, clients have hired us to visit their home, provide them an unbiased and impartial opinion of value of their "Stuff", and then lead them through the smoke & mirrors of turning their treasures into cash.

Time and travel expense usually limit us to working within 60-90 minutes of our hometown of Doylestown PA. Yet we often hear from out-of-area clients…"Do you know anyone in my home area who does what you do"? Our usual response has been "No".

UNTIL NOW. Technology is changing the appraisal business and now we can travel to your home or business…anywhere in the country…Virtually...using Zoom...FaceTime…Digital Images…or even old-fashioned 35mm Photographs.

Who Might Need Such a Service?

  • Private Individuals…preparing to sell, move, or downsize their homes.
  • Children…helping older parents to deal with their "treasures & memories".
  • Heirs...who have inherited items with unknown values.
  • Realtors…seeking to help their clients deal with the personal property so they can list & sell the home more quickly.
  • Executors & Administrators…who are dealing with estate contents.
  • Attorneys…who are helping clients and their families.
  • Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Claims Adjusters, Home Organizers…and anyone else seeking quick valuations.

The Process is Simple.

  • We can set up a Zoom Meeting where you show us your items via Zoom.
  • You can call us from the home or appraisal location using FaceTime.
  • Or you can send us Digital Images, or Photographs.
  • You show us what you have questions about…We'll ask you a few questions…
  • And we will offer immediate Verbal Appraisals and Selling Suggestions.
  • Which can help you deal with the personal property quickly…and sell for more money.

Nothing is as good as a hands-on review. However, Zoom & FaceTime Appraisals do offer a low-cost alternative that will get you going in the best direction…as quickly as possible.

You may or may not like the value we give you, but you’ll always have the comfort of knowing that we’re not trying to buy it from you at a bargain price. We’re there to help you.

And if we don’t know the answer, we can probably refer you to someone who does know.

Questions? Think this approach might work for you? Call us at (215)-264-4304 to discuss your needs.

What Can We Appraise ?

Turn your house upside down and shake it. What falls out is what we appraise: Antiques & Collectibles, and Household & Estate Contents.

Some categories, such as Valuable Gems & Jewelry, High-End Art, Museum Quality Pieces, Most Oriental Rugs, Asian Antiquities, for example, are nearly impossible to appraise without physical inspection. Items with illegible or missing signatures, non-photographable markings, or items requiring specific testing, are also often unsuitable for virtual or non-personal appraisal.

Fortunately, most homes and estates are filled with items that are ideally suited for Virtual Appraisal. Most Antiques & Collectibles; Furniture; China, Porcelain & Glass; Figurines; Art & Prints; Costume & Estate Jewelry; Decorative Accessories; Country Furniture & Smalls; Depression-Era Items; Victorian Items, and Chotchkees, for example, are relatively easy to Virtually Appraise. You show us what you want appraised…you serve as our on-site eyes & ears…and we'll get you going in the right direction.

More importantly:

  • There are no strangers coming into your home.
  • There is no personal contact.
  • You show us only what you want us to see.
  • You don't have to bring it to us.
  • You save time & money because we don't have to travel to you.
  • You can utilize our 40+ years Antiques & Collectibles experience.
  • And we can do this…no matter where you live.

How Does the Process Work?

Nothing is better than having us there in person. However, Zoom & FaceTime Appraisals can work best when you want us to appraise household contents, estate contents, or a larger number of items, and when time, distance or circumstances prevent us from actually being there.

Call Us: And we'll determine if a Zoom or FaceTime Appraisal makes sense for your situation. This isn't ideal for all situations, we don't want to waste your time or ours, and we'll be frank with you about whether we feel it will be the right approach for you.
Schedule a Time: If we agree to go forward, we'll schedule a date and time when we can do a live Virtual Appraisal.
Payment: Pre-payment can be arranged using PayPal, Venmo, Visa or MasterCard, Personal or Business Check.
a) Up to 2 Hours = $195
b) Up to 1 Hour = $125
c) 15 Minutes = $45
d) More than two hours = Call to discuss
Preparing for the Appraisal: Lay out the items ahead of time to make them easier to appraise as you walk through your home.
Zoom Appraisals: We'll set up a Zoom meeting, we'll send you the meeting link, and you can show us the items using Zoom … OR
FaceTime Appraisals: We'll call you on FaceTime at the agreed upon time. We'll follow you room-by-room, through your iPhone, iPad, or other devise, discussing what we see.

What You'll Receive.
Conditions & Limitations

  • We won't attempt to buy anything. We'll simply be working for you as your personal "Consultant".
  • We'll do the best we can to identify what you have.
  • We'll rely entirely upon the descriptions you provide, including condition, provenance, and other crucial facts.
  • We'll tell you whether, in our opinion, whether it's "Sellable", "Donatable", or "Trash".
  • We'll tell you whether, in our opinion, it's Authentic or Reproduction.
  • We'll tell you whether, in our opinion, it's Good, Better, Best … or Junk.
  • We'll suggest what we feel is an honest and appropriate value.
  • Value provided is typically "Fair Market Value", (i.e., what is a "Fair or Reasonable" value.
  • You may or may not like the value we give you. But you'll always have the comfort of knowing we're not trying to buy it from you at a bargain price.
  • We'll also recommend what we feel is the best way to sell or otherwise liquidate the items. We may recommend Auction, Private Transaction, eBay or Craigslist, Garage Sale, Consignment Shop, Donation, or simply place it in the Dumpster.
  • We don't know everything. No one does.
  • But if we don't know, we can probably refer you to someone who does know.
  • Nothing is as good as a hand's-on review.
  • However, a VituralAppraisals.net does offer a low-cost option to help get you going in the best direction...as quickly as possible.

NOTE: The objective of these Zoom & FaceTime Appraisals is to get you moving forward. Quickly and inexpensively.

  • Nothing will be in writing from us.
  • These verbal appraisals cannot be used for Inheritance or Estate Tax, Insurance Replacement Cost, or other similar situations requiring written documentation.

If you need a written appraisal, Mike specializes in appraisals for a wide variety personal, business, and legal needs such as:

  • Probate & Estate Tax,
  • Insurance and Insurance Claims
  • Divorce
  • Non-Cash Charitable Contributions
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Attorney, Executor, POA "CYA" Written Appraisals; More.

Mike's Background

  • Personal Property Appraiser with 40+ Years of Antiques, Collectibles & Household Contents Experience
  • GPPA, MPPA, USPAP-Compliant
  • Licensed & Bonded Auctioneer with 25+ Years of Experience
  • Named Pennsylvania's "Auctioneer of the Year" by Fellow Auctioneers
  • Antiques Dealer with 40+ Years of Experience
  • Home Downsizing Expert and Author of the Book "Home Downsizing in 4 Easy Steps"
  • Radio Show Host - "What's It Worth? Ask Mike the Appraiser" (Philadelphia PA)
  • Professional Meeting Speaker who has spoken to groups in twenty-five (25) states either Live or using Zoom Technology